What Others Say About The Terraces

Verbatim Comments from the Massachusetts Department of Health Nursing Home Satisfaction Survey Program:

This place is the best by far. All the employees (from top management to the cleaning and maintenance staff) are well trained, caring, compassionate people. They go out of their way to accommodate you. They are always very pleasant to each other as well as very pleasant to all the residents. They work well as a team. I am always kept up-to-date on everything that goes on with mom. They maintain very good medical records and always take the time to explain what changes, if any, are needed. I would recommend this facility to anyone.


The decision to move dad to a nursing home was sudden and difficult. The Terraces Orleans eased any anxiety surrounding that decision. They welcomed dad and integrated him into his new surroundings with excellent care, respect and understanding. I cannot speak highly enough of the excellence of The Terraces Orleans. It is a lovely and non-institutional setting and is staffed with outstanding personal.I am grateful to all the people at The Terraces Orleans for making this transition easier.

Yes! This is a wonderful place. Mom is able to have a generous amount of personal belongings in her room. The staff is terrific – warm and caring – I believe that this is because the owners are terrific people and their attitude trickles down.


I have visited many nursing homes and can state with no reservation, that The Terraces Orleans is the most excellent home in every aspect. No odor, super clean, excellent and varied meals and a home like environment predominate. Most impressive, though, is the degree of respect and compassion of each and every staff member. The CNA’s, nurses, housekeeping and kitchen staff are all people I trust to care for mom. The Administrative Staff are role models for leadership and are not hiding out in their offices. They are present in common areas of the home and don’t hesitate to lend a hand.

It is difficult to realize that a family member cannot live independently but The Terraces Orleans does far better to keep a frail person safe than any one person could manage. Every person in the Home should be commended.

This facility deserves its reputation as the best in the area. The overall quality of care provided is outstanding. There is very little staff turnover and staff members get to know residents and family members well. Staff members are attentive, respectful and compassionate and they maintain high professional standards. To sum up rather bluntly, this is the only nursing home I’ve ever set foot in that didn’t give me the creeps. They do a wonderful job.


The Terraces Orleans defies all the negative stereotypes regarding nursing homes. From day 1, the care has been exceptional in every way. And I have also benefited; nurses and staff are always available for feedback and consultation. Communication regarding mother’s condition and care has been exceptional.

They do a great job. I’m really glad we found this place.


Mom is happier at Orleans Convalescent Home than she was in her own home. The staff and administration go out of their way to meet all the needs of the residents. I have noted that all residents are treated with respect and kindness equally – regardless of their level of need. The activities, programs and events are well attended and mom is always encouraged to attend. The Terraces Orleans is a great place to live and visit!

Our family thanks every person at The Terraces Orleans for the loving, gentle care that you gave to our mother. We were constantly aware of all the little things that made such a difference in her last year. We remember Irene on her day off bringing in her dog to show mother. Annie constantly making sure that mother had all the exercise she wanted, Carol meeting with us when mother had her stroke, all the staff that stopped in to see mother and talk with us during their breaks – giving mother hugs and kisses. It went way beyond normal care and it was from everyone. We also thank you for the large, beautiful room for her service where her friends could attend. The Terraces is the perfect place when life gets so difficult. Thank you!


My friends were absolutely right: The Terraces IS a wonderful place!

The first thing that I noticed last Friday when I moved my mother into her room was the beautiful bouquet of hydrangeas on her bedside table. What a nice touch!

And, things only got better! Everyone was so friendly and helpful on that all-important first day. The first thing that my mother told me today when I visited her was that she had two nice, thick slices of bacon for breakfast, just like she has every Sunday morning at home. She also told me that she had a nice visit from you yesterday. And, every one of the staff members that I met today, a Sunday, on the second day after her admittance, knew my mother by name. And, I love the sign that has her name on it on her door: sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers. The sentence on the front cover of your brochure IS true – it is comforting to know how much you do care.

Thank you so much!